The GROW/HARVEST call aims at stimulating the cross-sectoral collaboration of SMEs in the framework of innovative projects with a grant of maximum 60.000 EUR per project. The collaborative projects should serve as a basis to help SMEs to learn from what is going on in other sectors and use knowledge, expertise and technology assets from other sectors to increase their performance and productivity.

Furthermore, the GROW/HARVEST call intends to stimulate EU-wide collaboration of SMEs to allow them to detect market opportunities and establish partnerships that they are not naturally prone to look for. The evaluation criteria of the call are therefore set-up to clearly favor proposals with a cross-border approach.


Two types of collaborative innovation projects with a maximum duration of 6 months are supported:

GROW projects that focus on the co-creation/co-development of technologies for the Construction sector and lead to one of the following outcomes:

• Concept proofed in experiment
• Technology validated in lab
• Technology validated in relevant environment

HARVEST projects that focus on the integration/uptake of existing or underexploited technologies/solutions or technological assets for their reuse/application in the Construction sector and lead to one of the following outcomes:

• System prototype demonstrated in operational environment
• System completed and qualified
• System proofed in operational environment
• System and production routine implemented


All proposed projects need to respond to one of the following 4 challenges and 8 topics. The challenge description can be downloaded here:

1. Monitoring and managing building energy / comfort / health performance in buildings
2. New BIM and digital tools for SMEs

Construction-Nature-Based Solutions
1. NBS system solutions for renovation
2. Digitization of care / maintenance / monitoring for NBS

Construction-Recycling and Circular Economy
1. New recycled building and/or urban fabric materials
2. Digital solutions for the Circular approach in the construction sector

Construction-Additive Manufacturing
1. Waste reuse through integration into large 3D printing processes for the construction sector
2. Integration of new functionalities in construction components by means of 3D printing

GROW/HARVEST Call Description and Guidelines

Grow/Harvest Call Guide for Applicants (EN)

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. The financial support is reserved to SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) according to the EU definition

2. The applicant must be a consortium of two or more SMEs from at least two eligible sectors (one of them construction): Construction, Digital Industry, Additive Manufacturing, Nature-Based Solutions, Circularity & Recycling

3. At least one of the SMEs has to be established in one of the six METABUILDING target countries:

Austria, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain

or be a direct member, or a member of an organisation which is a member, of the EURIC, AM, EFB and ECTP platforms are also eligible to apply. A proof of the membership has to be provided with the application.

The other SME(s) in the consortium need(s) to be located in any of the EU-countries or Horizon 2020 associated countries.

Find a

If you have a project idea but are missing a partner, the following module can help you to find a partner with the requested expertise.

You have the possibility/opportunity to find a partner here.


If you want to check if there exists already a technology asset in line with your project idea that you could integrate and build upon in order to acclerate the planned development, please use the following module.


If you foresee that you will need help with the implementation of the project, please note that you can use up to 75% of the project budget in order to pay a service provider.

Eligible service providers must belong to the Innovation Stakeholder’s Pool and can be found by using the following module.


To start the application you need to register:

The complete application must be in English and consist of the following elements:

1. GROW/HARVEST online application form

2. GROW/HARVEST work plan and budget in requested format (Download template here)

3. If applicable, quotation of the service provider (signed by the applicant as declaration that the offer will be accepted in case that the project will be funded)

4. Declaration of Honour signed by each applicant (Download here)

5. Ethic Issues Table signed by each applicant (Download here)

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