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SEED Innovation Vouchers, up to €5000, are available to SME’s to support an innovation project or new idea. The vouchers can be used to finance (or part-finance) external support from technical, legal, financial, and business experts.

SEED vouchers provide SME’s with a solid foundation (technical feasibility, business case, IP issues, due diligence on partner or technology) to make critical decisions and advancements related to innovation projects. The SEED vouchers can be used in any stage of an innovation project and are not limited to actions in the early technology readiness levels (TRLs).

and Scope

SEED Innovation Vouchers can finance short interventions of technical, legal, financial, and business experts. Applications should demonstrate how the voucher will help an SME to validate an idea for an innovation project, evaluate the potential of a new idea or accelerate an existing innovation project. SEED Services must help contribute to the rejuvenation of the Construction sector by combining solutions, technologies and/or know-how from Digital Industry,

Additive Manufacturing, Nature-Based Solutions and/or Circularity & Recycling. All applications will be considered for their impact on the construction sector (see full assessment criteria below). Please note that the SEED Innovation Voucher must be used within a period of 2 months after receiving the confirmation it is awarded.

SEED Call Guidelines For Applicants

Information about the SEED Call in other languages can be found here. A helpdesk is also available in each of the languages of the target countries to answer any further questions you might have.

SEED Call Guide For Applicants (EN)

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. The applicants must be an SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) according to the EU definition.

2. The applicant must be a single company (no consortiums allowed)

3. Applicants must be legally registered in one of the six METABUILDING target countries:
Austria, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain

Please note: SME’s legally registered outside of these 6 countries but a direct member, or a member of an organisation which is a member, of the EURIC, AM, EFB and ECTP platforms are also eligible to apply.

4. Applicants must operate in one or more of the following sectors:
Construction, Digital Industry, Additive Manufacturing, Nature-Based Solutions, Circularity & Recycling

SEED Service

SEED service providers can be institutions, consultants, companies, universities, etc. The service provider must be legally registered and located in an EU country and be able to demonstrate expertise and high-quality knowledge. The selected service provider should be an independent entity without any affiliation to the applicant. Applicants for the innovation vouchers will be requested to confirm that there is no conflict of interest.

The services that qualify for receiving financial support are:

• Innovation mentoring
• IPR analysis
• Technical analysis and assistance
• Identification of partners or innovative technologies
• Due diligence on potential partners or innovative technologies
• Elaboration of cross-sectoral business models/plans
• Elaboration of market studies

Successful applications will be awarded a SEED Innovation Voucher up to €5.000 (depending on the offer of the service provider). Only costs generated within the service are eligible. Cost exceeding this amount will not be covered by the voucher but can be covered by the SME with their own funds. The value of the voucher will only be paid to the SME upon the presentation of the invoice from the service provider and the submission of the post-service assessment. As part of the application applicants are required to provide a signed offer from the service provider (acceptance declaration). The final invoice from the service provider must be inline with the signed offer provided by the applicant at the submission of the application.


To start the application you need to register:

The complete application consists of the following elements:

1. SEED online application form (including provisions of the Declaration of Honour)

2. Ethic Issues Table. Download here

3. Quotation from the service provider (signed by the SMEs as declaration of acceptance)

Seed Innovation Voucher: Application Procedure

Call title:
METABUILDING: SEED innovation vouchers

1st Round:
Open: 15.12.2020
Closing: 26.02.2021 at 17:00 (Brussels time) – DEADLINE EXTENDED

2nd Round:
Open: 2nd semester 2021 Closing: 2nd semester 2021

Information on funding results:
1st Round: 26.03.2021
2nd Round: 1st quarter 2022

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Applications for SEED innovation vouchers will be evaluated by independent experts (not related to the project). Applications will be considered on a national level by a national jury. The same criteria will be followed across all countries. The national juries will present their evaluation results to the METABUILDING evaluation board (including jury members from all countries), who will undertake the final funding decisions.

Innovation character of the project idea:

The proposed project idea or innovation opportunity demonstrated a significant innovation potential compared to the existing technologies and/or solutions available on the market.

Impact on the construction sector:

The proposed project idea or innovation opportunity will have a significant impact on the construction sector by addressing specific needs or bringing in new opportunities.

Relevance to the regional scope:

The proposed project idea or innovation opportunity addresses is in line with regional development priorities and will help regional development.

• The applicants will receive a funding decision by the Grant Management Secretariat 15 days from after the call has closed.

• SME’s can submit several applications, but funding is limited to one voucher per SME.

• Maximum amount of € 5,000 in form of a reimbursement upon presentation of invoice.

Please note: In order to receive the reimbursement, the awardee must complete and submit a post-assessment questionnaire containing pre-defined KPIs which help to measure and compare the impact of the supported activities. A second post-assessment on the same KPIs is required 12 months after the implementation of the service in order to analyse the medium-term impact of the supported activities on the awarded SMEs.

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